Are you ready for your opportunity to change the world?

We are looking for inspiring individuals that want to break into the creative industries but don’t have the opportunity because you did not grow up in the right neighborhoods, attend certain schools or have the right family connections. If you feel like you’ve been ignored, forgotten and marginalized we want to work with you!

Creative Futures Diversity Platform

A curriculum to prepare our Fellows for careers in the creative industries, including;

  • Storytelling
  • Financial Literacy
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Mindfulness
  • Goal Setting
  • Brand Building
  • Networking
  • Failure
  • Gratitude
  • Leadership Development
  • Social Impact
  • Creativity
  • + More
  • curriculum

    Workshops + Education

    Interactive virtual workshops lead by world class experts in which Fellows work in a collaborative environment to learn, build confidence and develop critical skills for future job opportunities.


    Mentorship + Success Manager

    Each Fellow has access to our mentor network with executives from Apple, Google, Spotify, Netflix + More. In addition, our Fellows + Member companies are assigned Success Managers to ensure program completion and employment integration.


    Futureships + Job Opportunities

    Each Fellow is guaranteed a 4-week paid internship (we call 'Futureship') at one of our member companies such as Amazon Music, TOMS, Peloton, World Surf League, Omaze, A-List, and many more. We also provide ongoing canvasing of career opportunities for our Fellows.

    Skills our Fellows acquire

    • Compose well written emails, understand email etiquette
    • Spelling, grammar and punctuation
    • Social media; posting, strategy, analytics and advertising
    • Tech platforms; Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, Zoom, Canva
    • Microsoft Office suite; word, excel, powerpoint
    • Google analytics & SEO
    • Research & reports
    • Design, edit and resize images
    • Budget in excel
    • Schedule meetings
    • Create invoices & understand W9’s
    • Glossary and key terms


    Trained and ready to get to work

    Our Fellows use all the necessary productivity tools to ensure effective and efficient delivery of a wide range
    of critical organizational tasks, projects and business requirements. We equip our Fellows with the necessary training to execute individual or collaborative tasks and deliver results for their employer.

    Our Fellows are trained In:





    Applications for the Creative Futures
    2022 Cohort are now open.

    Our Fellows receive the following:

    × 8-week program taught by industry experts on topics such as storytelling, financial literacy, mindfulness, problem solving, social impact, building a brand and more.

    × A 4-week paid "Futureship" at an innovative company. Some "Futureship" partners include Amazon Music, TOMS, Peloton, LA Lakers, Spotify, World Surf League, Epidemic Sound, Conscious City Guide, The A-List and more.

    × Direct access to our Mentor network with executives from companies such as Apple, Google, Vice, Netflix, LA Rams and more.

    × Attend graduation and recieve Creative Futures Collective certificate attended by founders, mentors, HR professionals and recruiters at some of the top creative companies.

    Please read the following FAQ's before applying.

    × What are the requirements for applying?
    You must be over 18, have a valid form of ID and come through one of our non profit partners.

    × If accepted is there a fee involved?
    No fees, It is completely free for our Fellows and non-profit partners. It’s always been free and will always be.

    × What do I need for the application and how long will it take?
    You will be asked a range of questions that require written responses and then record a 60 second video telling us about yourself. On average it takes about 30 minutes to apply. We will also require you to send us a resume.

    × Do you care about the quality of the video or resume?
    No we don’t care how it looks, we just want to get a better idea of who you are and what professional experience (if any) you’ve had. Having no college degree or previous professional work experience will not put you at any disadvantage though, we are focussed on your future.

    × I have a criminal record, can I still apply?
    Yes. People with lived experience are highly encouraged to apply.

    × What qualities are you looking for in a Fellow?
    We’re looking for unique individuals with a lived experience that gives them interesting insights and perspectives. We’re looking to lift up those that may have been labeled as outcasts, felt forgotten or overlooked. We’re looking for individuals that have a strong sense of character, that display empathy and compassion but bring with them hustle and resilience. We’re looking for creatives that are oozing with talent, but lacking the opportunity. We want to support those that want to support others in their communities by paying it forward. We’re looking for Fellows that want to show up, put in the work and become next generation leaders that will break cycles of systemic inequality. We’re looking for YOU.

    × How much time is required of me in the program?
    The entire program will run for 12 weeks. You will be required to complete the workshop online for 1 hour a week and spend time on your weekly deliverable which on average is an extra 30 - 60 mins. Your Futureship will be a minimum of 8 hours per week for 4 weeks, could be more depending on the company you intern at.

    × Do you think I could complete the program while also working a job or being at school?
    Absolutely, we’ve designed the program with a flexibility in mind so that it can be done in your own time.

    × Must I attend every workshop and day of my Futureship to graduate?
    Yes, if you miss a workshop or a day of your internship you will not be eligible to complete the program.

    × What type of duties would I be doing at my Futureship?
    We’re focussed on the creative industries and creative jobs in these industries, so you could be doing marketing, scouting, researching, content creation, social media, coordinating and assisting but it will come down to what your Futureship company needs you to do.

    × How has Covid-19 affected the Creative Futures program?
    We will be hosting all of our workshops online, being released on a week-by-week basis for you to do in your own time and all Futureships will now be done remotely. Your meetings with mentors will be done via phone or video chats.

    × How much will I get paid for the Futureship?
    You will be paid a minimum of $20 per hour.

    × Do I need to have a college degree to apply for this?

    × Do I need a high school diploma or GED to apply for this?

    × When do applications close?
    Applications close at 11:59pm Thursday August 26th, 2021.
    × How many fellows will you accept into the program and when does it start?
    100 Fellows will be accepted into the next cohort beginning in September 2021.

    × When will you let the next cohort know they’ve been successful in getting into the program?
    We will let everyone know our final decision in September 2021.

    × What happens once we graduate the program, do we still have access to the Creative Futures community?
    Absolutely, once you are a Creative Futures Fellow you are one for life! Once graduated you’ll have a beefed up resume, get full access to our platform to connect with other Fellows, mentors and companies and we’ll pitch you for full time career opportunities with our partner companies.

    × Why are you doing this?
    The system isn’t broken, it’s been designed this way and we want to help break these cycles of systemic inequality. This program is a way to unearth a group of hungry, passionate and diverse talent that haven’t had the opportunity before because they weren’t born into the right neighborhoods, have family connections or went to the right schools. We know there’s a breadth of talent just waiting to be discovered and become the leaders that will break these cycles of systemic inequality. On the corporate side there is a true business case for companies to embrace hiring more diverse talent in their organizations and becoming more inclusive and belonging places. For example a company with a diverse team is 70% more likely to capture new markets.From a personal point of view, we are three co-founders made up of different lived experiences, different backgrounds and different circumstances. ⅔ of our founding team are people of color, none of us went to college and one of us is system impacted by the way of the juvenile justice and foster care systems. We may have a chip on our shoulders, sure, but we’re committed and driven to making sure different voices are getting access, support and opportunities.

    × What is the Mentor network?
    The Mentor network is a group of executives, entrepreneurs, tastemakers, athletes, musicians and philanthropists that our Fellows have access to be mentored by or connected with for future opportunities. We’re calling it the alumni network for people that don’t have alumni networks - even after you graduate the program, your mentors stay with you for life.

    × Ok this sounds great! I want to apply, how do I do it?
    If you meet the above requirements, you can apply here.
    Become a part of our growing creative community and make a meaningful change.
    Apply Now